Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Amazing Article About Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Air Duct Cleaning – The air duct system in your home is similar to the lungs in your body. Whatever your lungs breathe in can be determined as either beneficial or harmful. For example, when breathing in fresh mountain air, your lungs benefit from the lack of contaminants and pollutants in the air. On the other hand, when breathing in the air in a major metropolitan city, your lungs suffer because of the smog, contaminants, chemicals, and pollutants in the air.

The air duct system in your home is responsible for circulating the air from the outside and then from room to room. Unfortunately, the air duct system in your home may also circulate harmful particles such as mold, dirt, and dust mites. Most homeowners think nothing about the condition of their air duct system because basically, it is out of sight and therefore out of mind. However, for the health and well-being of your entire family, it is important to place a professionally performed air duct cleaning service as a top priority. In fact, an air duct cleaning should be scheduled as maintenance on a regular basis.

Every year, the average home will collect approximately 35 to 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens. This not only pollutes the air in your home but it adds unwanted weight to the home’s air duct system. The EPA has shown that outdoor levels of dust mites are lower than indoor levels. Dust mites are one of the more common reasons why people indoors suffer from asthma and allergies. Simply put, dust mites will continue to circulate throughout your home until you decide to remove them.

This is one of the primary reasons why you want to clean your air ducts on a regular basis. A clean air duct system will eliminate nasty dust mites and allow everyone to breathe easier. Unfortunately, not every air duct cleaning company is the same, therefore it is important to do some prior research before making a selection on who to use.

For instance. there are certain companies that clean with chemical sealants. Over time, chemical sealants can breakdown. These chemicals will then circulate throughout your home and may be responsible for causing additional irritations. For a safer clean, try to choose a company that uses a powerful Heap filtered vacuum to clean ducts, vent covers, blowers, evaporator coils, and furnaces.

It is important to mention that air pollution from inside your home comes from a mixture of contamination sources. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is defined as the nature of air in regards to the way that it affects the health and well-being of everyone in the home. Some of the things that can affect indoor air quality include inadequate temperature, ventilation system issues, and poor air circulation. Obviously, other things such as dust, chemicals, bacteria, mold, and air contaminants will also play a role.

Some of the symptoms of poor air quality include headaches, sinus congestion, sneezing, coughing, dry or irritated nose, eyes, or throat. Polluted air can also result from the handling of gas, smoke, or chemicals in the home. The EPA suggests that specific activities, such as painting or staining, can produce levels up to 1000 times more harmful indoors as opposed to outdoor levels. Since most people have been spending a lot more time lately indoors, it is even more important to have an air duct cleaning service come to your home and remove all harmful air pollutants.

Another benefit of air duct cleaning, besides a healthier environment, is the increased efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. A dirty duct system can restrict the flow of air from your HVAC system. This will make the entire system less efficient. At the same time, it will add additional costs to your electrical bill. A duct cleaning service will maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system by unclogging and removing piles of debris and dirt that have accumulated in the ducts. This will allow the fans to circulate clean fresh air throughout the home.

In fact, many real estate agents recommend that homeowners do a thorough air duct cleaning before selling their home. Besides leaving the home in the best possible condition, it will help to sell the home faster because of the fresh air that will be circulating when potential buyers arrive.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning
Residential Air Duct Cleaning

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